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“Stress-related absence is on the rise…” reports CIPD Health and Well-Being survey, April 2019

According to the new Health and Well-Being at Work survey conducted by the The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) in April 2019 “…stress remains stubbornly common in the UK’s workplaces”.

They state from survey findings that, “Stress-related absence is on the rise in nearly two-fifths of the UK’s workplaces, and less than half of people professionals say their efforts to tackle stress in their organisation are effective. The survey reveals that organisations are much more effective in tackling stress when they have a standalone well-being strategy in support of their wider corporate strategy and when line managers have bought in to the importance of well-being.”

However, the research also shows that, “many employers’ efforts are falling short of what’s needed: just two fifths have a formal well-being strategy in place, and the majority are relying on line managers to look after the well-being of the workforce, without giving them adequate support to do so.”

You can read more about the survey and its important findings on the CIPD website: