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  • “I approached Kristina for some help with my relationship with my toddler son, as I was struggling to control my emotions with his (perfectly normal!) toddler behaviour. Having worked with her over a period of 7 weeks I now feel so much more at peace with this, and have found my relationship with him to have flourished as a result. The support has also helped more generally, with me now feeling far calmer, with improved self-esteem and a more positive outlook. Kristina has been fantastic throughout, offering great insight, not being afraid to challenge me to tackle tough subjects and creating an open and trusting atmosphere in which I have been able to really improve and understand. I fully intend to come back to her in future and would gladly recommend her service.”  (RM)

  • “I can’t thank Kristina enough for all the help she’s given me. The person that walked into her office is not the same person that left after 20 sessions. Over the course of our sessions I was given perspective, understanding and advice that helped me view and tackle my issues in ways I hadn’t expected. Thanks to her I feel more confident in myself and am able to put what I’ve learnt into practice.” (HB)

  • “Kristina is an exceptional person and highly professional. She couldn’t have been more helpful and caring if she tried. Kristina is my first therapist and the last one. I know that if times will get rough again, she will be the therapist I will work with. I am battling with depression, general anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks and she helped me understand all of these on a very deep level. She helped me understand why these have developed and also what the general triggers are for me. Working with her for seven months have improved my life considerably and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have as a therapist. She made it feel like her office is the safest place where I could unravel all of my emotions, and I can be myself, talking about every emotion and event I have been bottled up until then. She gave me a great sense of understanding who I am and also rediscover myself. She helped me see things through a different perspective which is a lot less self destructive and also made me understand that it is good to see every aspect of a situation but that doesn’t mean I have to always assume the worst is going to happen.  I will forever be grateful for our work together.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.” (IT)

  • “I came to Kristina for help after experiencing stress and anxiety at work and at home. She helped me understand why I was experiencing such issues and identify patterns of behaviours, as well as ways to mitigate them. I am now in a better place mentally and emotionally, and have a better understanding of myself and my relationships with the important people in my life.” (EH)

  • “I approached Kristina in a time of personal crisis after a long relationship came to an end. I approached her looking for answers to this and for someone to help me make a decision, but Kristina soon made me realise that in fact there were many other reasons I came to her. Throughout my 9 sessions with Kristina, she helped me through a very difficult time in the present and also encouraged me to talk about difficulties during childhood and adolescence. She created a professional yet open, supportive and judgement-free space for me to address my past and helped me to understand and make sense of my situation. This was the first time I had sought external help for my past and I am so glad that I did, Kristina provided a perspective and insight into my situation where sometimes I wasn’t able to see past what was obvious to me and really helped me to be more at peace and feel more positive about myself and my reactions to my situation. Kristina has given me the confidence and reassurance to go forward and tackle the future with more self-belief and to be able to look at the past with more understanding and acceptance. I also know that in future, if I ever need a bit of a reminder of what she has taught me or if I find myself again in a situation where I need some help that I will return straight to Kristina, I cannot recommend her highly enough.” (OK)

  • “I don’t really know how to begin thanking you for how much you have helped me make a difference to my life and how much I have enjoyed coming to see you! You have been wonderful and I have truly appreciated each one of our sessions.” (B)