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Mental Health News: World Suicide Prevention Month – September 2020

Eeach year organisations and communities from around the globe join together to help raise awareness of the how we can create a world where fewer people die by suicide.

The Samaritans report that, “In 2018, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, more than 6,800 people died of suicide. Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy” adding that “we know that suicide is preventable, it’s not inevitable.”

You can read more here about the facts and figures:

And importantly, Government plans for suicide prevention at both a local and national level.

It is important to reach out to family, friends and professionals if you are feeling suicidal.  According to a Samaritan survey two in five men aged 20-59 in England, Scotland and Wales don’t seek support when they need to because they prefer to solve their own problems.  With suicide being the biggest killer of men under 50, with men aged 20-59 being at the highest risk, this has got to change.

You do not need to struggle on alone, you are not alone: