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My Approach


The Therapeutic Process:

I offer either focused, short-term counselling or in-depth, medium to longer-term psychotherapy. Providing a safe and confidential setting, I work with people to help them explore the root causes of their problems.

My approach is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. This pays particular attention to aspects of a person’s behaviour, past relationships and experiences and how they can become re-enacted in the present, contributing to the repetition of unhelpful patterns of relating either in the work-place or in one’s personal life. Psychotherapists are trained to understand unconscious processes, motives and defenses and in the therapeutic relationship trust is built where these issues, which potentially constrain and hinder personal development and growth, can be explored.

Talking through your difficulties and concerns with a therapist can often lead to a new perspective but the role of the psychotherapist is not to advise or tell you what to do, but rather to support and guide you to develop your own understanding and to arrive at solutions that work for you.  The focus of the therapy is therefore to help a person to become more self-aware and through the development of greater personal insight and understanding of themselves, the capacity to be better able to manage feelings and behaviours in the present. This allows the opportunity for change leading to an emotionally healthier way of being and relating.